about us

Natralee started from a simple premise: small lifestyle changes can make a big impact for our skin and the environment.  At Natralee, we use sustainably sourced high-quality ingredients to make body butters and body scrubs.  The organic and vegan oils we use contain natural antioxidants which hydrate the skin and encourages elasticity (aka younger looking healthy skin).  Natralee is women-owned, black-owned, and all our products are handmade and ship from just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

about founder

Eunice Charles is the Founder of Natralee, a natural and eco-friendly body care company. One morning a few years ago, Eunice awoke to patches of discolored raised skin all over her body. By all over, we mean from the bottom of her foot, up to her arms. She was terrified, so went to see a dermatologist who upon examination determined it was an eczema breakout. Eczema is heredity so Eunice questioned why she never had a visible eczema breakout before. The doctor explained that it was most likely a stress-induced breakout. And as soon as he said that she was blown away. Because unbeknownst to him, she was stressed. Eunice was living 500 miles away from home, in school full time, working retail close to full time, ate horribly, and barely slept. Her body had to cry out for help so she could make healthier decisions.

Natralee started in a quest to live a healthier more intentional life. As Eunice began to read the labels on her cosmetic products, she noticed many contained chemicals that no longer aligned with her values. So while on this thoughtful journey, she decided, "Why not try to make something that fits my new values, I’ll know where the ingredients are coming from, and it could help with this discoloration that I’m experiencing from this breakout." So Eunice tinkered and started sharing these creations with friends. When she noticed that they kept asking for more, it hit her, more people are looking for natural personal care products.

Natralee products are clean (so never toxic or harmful). They are natural, typically unadulterated, and unrefined so it retains all the nutrient-dense goodness which will go right on the skin. Lastly, Natralee is sustainable. Ingredients are sourced thoughtfully from around the globe keeping our carbon footprint top of mind and shipped to customers with carbon-neutral shipping.

Natralee has been featured in publications like Boston magazine and is currently available in several shops in New England.

Today, Eunice works full-time in healthcare administration helping to expand access to healthcare globally while diligently working on bringing new innovative products to the marketplace and sharing resources about sustainability.